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Antoinette Kotzé Prize

Award name: Antoinette Kotzé Prize

Award criteria:

  • Oral presentation
  • No age limit
  • The presentation is the person’s FIRST presentation at ANY conference.
  • If no qualifying person then no award is presented.

The prize:

  • Certificate
  • R 500

Award History:
In 1985, the Organising Committee of the Annual Congress from the Department of Veterinary Anatomy, MEDUNSA, were involved in a motor car accident on the Committee’s return from inspecting the facilities at Sun City. Mrs Antoinette Kotzé, a member of the Committee, was, sadly, killed in the accident.  In honour of Mrs Kotzé, the Antoinette Kotzé Prize for the best first-time presenter was established by the Society in 1986.

General rules applying to each Conference:

  • No single person will be considered for more than one award at any particular conference.
  • If the presenter fits into more than one category (for example under 35 AND 1st time presenter) then the presenter must choose for which award they wish to be evaluated.
  • If no qualifying presentations are given in a particular category then the award will not be made.

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